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Bandbudh Aur Budbak is an Indian animated Cartoon television series. It was aired on ZeeQ from 2015 to 2017. The series is showcase of antics and School life of two naughty friends, Badrinath and Buddhadev. Both of friend creat a lot of adventurous memories by getting trouble at school.


In today post, we are going to know the top 5 best Bandbudh Aur Budbak game. Most of the game is for Android users but, it will not available on playstore. You need to use the link to download the game of Buddhadev and Badrinath game.

Top Bandbudh Aur Budbak Game to play

Mega Robot

Defend your school from Alien invasion. Play as Badrinath who will continuously shooting the invasion alien with machine gun and Buddhadev will help him out in reloading the ammo.

Alien will attack from the air with the laser weapon, you must shoot them before they come near to school.


You will lose if the alien enter in the school!

Feel the fun by using and testing different powerful machine gun.

Has a variety of weapon to defeat alien team.

Point will be calculate for every alien ship destroy.

As level upgrade, difficulty increase.

Both the friend will meet the alien leader at the last level.

Missile can be use to destroy group of alien ship.

Bandbudh Aur Budhbak Run Game

Badri and Budh had not done the homework. Now, Dube sir is chasing both of them. Keep continue your run and save yourself from various obstacles coming over the way. Run through the street, hospital, school corridor and road. On the way Chindrella (You friend Buffalo) will help you out in boosting your running power.


Endless run- Run fast as you can and stay away from various obstacles to save yourself from getting fall down.

Jump and Slip- The control allow you to jump over short object and slip through tall object with bottom hollow.

Boosting- Boost yourself by collecting lots of sweet on the way and use Chindrella whenever available on way.

Budhbak Cooking Restaurant

Help out Badrinath and Buddhadev in running successful restaurant and deliver good food to customers. They serve pizza, burger, chocolate, and ice cream with different varieties of flavor. The restaurant stood near school as canteen. Help them out in receiving order from customers and to complete and deliver it.


Variety- Different varieties of fast food is available like cake, pizza, burger etc.

Multiple control- Multiple controller are available to serve and prepare different varieties of tasty food.

Fast work- your finger need to be active and must complete the task as soon as possible.

Upgrade Level- Level become as tough as you upgrade it.

Bandbudh Aur Budbak Bike Racing

It’s a Free Multiplayer Bike Racing game. Join the school gang of Badrinath and Buddhadev in epic races against each other. You can choose one of them as your character and other one by your friend as opponent for game race.

Upgrade your bike with game currency and try to defeat your opponent. Punch them when they come near to you to reduce your competitors bike speed.


Collect awesome point on way to use in upgrading bike.

Increase your level to compete the player from around the globe.

Gain trophies to make your name to top of the leader board.

Adjust the control to handle the character accordingly your choice.

Multiple brands of bike are available for your excitement.

The Arrow Attack

Both the friend is now practicing archery to qualify in Olympic game. Help them out to shoot arrow in the middle of the target. Bandbudh Aur Budhbak The Arrow Attack game is completely free to download in Android phone and free to play. The game is exclusive for kids and teenager. The game will make you addictive and crazy.


Multiple varieties of Bow and Arrow are available for using in game.

Game Graphics are awesome and design are amazing.

Game are 3D lock.

Completely free for you and game currency can be earn by completing various task.

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