Does Weight Lifting Training is Good for Children?

Is weight lifting training is good or bad for children? So, today we are going to discuss on this particular topic depending on it advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Weight Lifting Training

Weight training refers to the physical exercise which evolves lifting weight to improve the performance of the muscles.

The whole process involves lifting of the weights mostly for strength and endurance. It is done as a training programme to improve and maintain the overall performance of the physique.

The good news is it’s carries with a lots of variety of advantages. It builds muscle strength and strong bones, reduces excess body weight and boosts confidence. It also help a child in participating in more competitive sport fields.

Although, it offers a benefits. Certain precautions that need to be taken to help your child avoid injury are :
1. Muscle strength and endurance power develop.
2. Improved sports performance.
3. Physical fitness.
4. Weight maintenance.
5. Strong bones.
6. A fitness habit for future benefit.
7. Improved mobility of joints.
8. Improved lungs functioning.

Disadvantages of Weightlifting Training

Strength training for youngster must be approached with caution and respect. People suggest that strength training would ‘stop your growth’.

This could easily happen if there is a major accident that injuries the growth plate because it is the weakest area of the bone.
Injuries have included herniated discs in the back, muscles strains and tears, bone fractures, growth plate injuries and cartilage damage.

If lifting weights is going to be pursued seriously, that type of training should be pursued in the right way and correctly along the development pathway and that too under proper supervision.

Generally, weight lifting training has been found to be useful in increasing the strength in children without negative effects only on bone growth and blood pressure.

In unsupervised home gym equipment, it has been shown that the weight training help a lot in increasing muscles strength. But, this does not mean that there is no risk at all in weight training for children.

We can’t totally remove the risks but it can be reduced significantly if the training is done appropriately under supervision of any well trained senior.

Within puberty the body must only have a light weight training with more repitations.
It also means strengthening sports specific moves and actions to better equip the child in those positions.

It must be keep in mind that flexibility should be emphaised because maintaining a little momentum of flexibility is required for children before he/she start to tighten up within puberty.

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