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Download Apocalypto (2006) Full movie dubbed in Hindi & Tamil 1080p HD

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Apocalypto is an American epic adventure movie directed by Mel Gibson. The movie was released on December 8 ,2006. The movie was features with Yocatic Mayan language. Apocalypto movie stand with the budge of $40 million and successfully released a box office collection of $120.7 million. This movie was distributed by Buena Vista pictures.

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Movie TypeHollywood, Epic Adventure
DirectorMel Gibdon
ProducerMel Gibson
Release DateDecember 8, 2006
Box Office$ 120 million

Apocalypto full Movie Storyline

Apocalypto movie show the time of Maya civilization, where powerful warriors use to attacked peaceful tribe brutally staying inside the dense forest. They use to capture their female for slavery and male were being sacrifice for their almighty God. Once they attacked and capture the Jaguar Paw’s tribe. All of his family member were kill and female were sent to trade for slavery. Jaguar is  claver man, he hide is pregnant wife and son inside empty well. Following his luck he kill all the warriors and able to escape from them. Later, he save his wife and son and beginning a new life. Mayan language were used in the movie for more interesting.

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Download Apocalypto full movie for free, Movierulz

YTS is an online movie downloading site. The site’s cantained an amazing movie series of Bollywood and Hollywood. provided two fromat of any movie to download in 720p bluray and 1080p fluray. Here, you can visit and download Apocalypto full Movie (original version) in 720p and 1080p full HD Bluray for free


UK.chilli is a legal online movie distributing site. The site provide catalogue, film, estore, TV series etc.  It’s a paid site, you need to purchase member plan to access premium content . Uk.chilli serve high quality movie of Hollywood. Here you can buy apocalypto full movie in 1080p full HD.


Movie rulz is one of the most popular Telugu movie downloading sites. The site usually leak any newly released movie on it’s movie collection page.
Moreover, movie rulz provide hollywood dubbed movie in Tamil and Hindi. Users love to download hollywood dubbed movie on this site with high quality of 1080p HD. You can download and watch Apocalypto full Movie dubbed in Hindi on Movierulz for free.

Tamil rockers

Tamil Rockers site provide the newly released movie in Tamil dubbed. This site doesn’t take much time in sharing any popular Hollywood movie series. You can easily find out Apocalypto full movie in Tamil dubbed on this site for free. Select your best choice format resolution of 420p to 720p, 1080p HD to download the movie.

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How to download Apocalypto dubbed in Hindi and Tamil, Movierulz VPN

Now you know the site name as Movierulz or Tamilrockers. But how to download movie from their as this site may be banned in your country.

For that, there is a simple way. Using of VPN( Virtual private network): you can visit any banned site in your location using this network. Now, I’m gonna tell you the best VPN setup to download Apocalypto full movie dubbed in Hindi and Tamil on Movierulz in a few simple steps.

Step 1) Open your Android phone go to playsore and search for application called Turbo VPN. Once you find it installed it in your phone and clean your phone background running apps including phone ram. As clearing all phone ram is important step to prevent the Turbo VPN network from getting disconnect.

Step 2) Open the app go for free service plan network, select the other country option and press for connection. After few second your phone network will be connected to VPN.

Step 3) Now, open any browser ( Chrome recommend ) and go to Movierulz site. I hope you will be able to visit the site this time. Insert your movie name “apocalypto” and go for downloading process. Once it get download in your phone memory, open and enjoy the movie.


If you have any issue from above step, Feel free to contact us. Without taking much more time I will be there.

And if you love my step and ways please do a share to friend and love through sharing button below and leave your any query (regarding internet)in the comment section below. Hope it may help you out!

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