Europe First Underwater Restaurant in Norway

Europe have developed their first underwater restaurant called Under, which has a capacity of more than 7,000 customers, made them to enjoy the food amongst the fish under the water.

"UNDER" Underwater restaurant in Norway.

This restaurant looks like a large concrete tube party situated on the southern tip of Norway and submerged in the North sea. It is called Under, in the Norwegian which means “wonder“.

Design And Internal View

This under water restaurant was designed by Norwegian architecture named Shoehetta, which also created the Opera House and The National September ll Memorial Museum.

The fascination about this restaurant is when visitors move from above water to underwater through the building, the big window will expose the underwater not like an aquarium, but it’s the real thing.

Going Into a Sauna?

Initially you may feels like a going into a Sauna when you enter Under, as wooden planks cover it’s upper section, an eight-meter flight of stairs leads down to a large dining area that sits 40 quests, along with walled by a gigantic transparent window to the ocean for amazing view.

Picturesque View

The restaurant is laid out for minimal reflections in the glass wall, which feels the room with natural light, filtered by the greenish color of the water during the day time.

Cost Of Restaurant

A full 18-course meal and seafood based on local ingredients can cost up to 3,700 crows($430) per person including drinks.
The goal of restaurant is to get 50 percent of the quests who eat there and they expect around 12,000 people eating dinner every year to make profit.

Other Competitors

It was opens on Wednesday mainly for friends and family to enjoy the dinner withaquarium view. The restaurant will be able to visit from early April for the first guest.

Only a handful of underwater restaurants are available, mainly in tropical waters like Maldives in Infian Ocean around the world.