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How to level up in Ludo game in Paytm First Games?

Hello Guys, Today we are here to know about Paytm First Game Apps. In this post, we will know what is Paytm first game? How to create account on it? And how to play game? Moreover, we will focus to learn how to rank up in ludo game in Paytm First Game. As we know Paytm game app is one of the best platform to earn money online playing game.

What is Paytm First Games?

Paytm first game is an online gaming platform introduced by official Paytm app. On this app, any user can play game and earn Paytm money which can be easily transfer the winning or rewards to their Paytm account. Players can win from small amount of money to big amount of 5 crore real cash using their skills and talent in game.

For entertainment and joyful, there is Fantasy Quiz, Battles and Rummy game to play online. The game is build based on online multiplayer where player A can find their opponent player B across any part of the world using internet connection. Moreover, this game support custom game match, in which you can play game with your friends, family and relatives through invitation links. The game features online voice chat. Through which you can talk live with opponent player.

To play game- you need to install the official Paytm first games app from play store and creat account on it. To start playing, deposit some amount and complete the registration process. Once you complete it, go ahead with your favourite game like ludo to start playing.

There is many advantages of playing game on this platform. Here you can earn money through free contests, multiple games, win prizes and refer & earn scheme. We will discuss everything in details with simple steps on this post. So keep reading…

How to install Paytm First Games ?

This game is freely available to download on Google Play store. The app has more than 1M + download with overall rating of 3.1 by critics on play store.

Steps to download and install Paytm First Game

  • Go to play store and search for “Paytm first game”
  • Click on first app from search result.
  • Now click to install on your Android smartphone.
  • Also you can download the app from official site using chrome browser.

Note : the app is also available for iOS user on Apple app store.

Creating account on Paytm first games

It is important to have an account on this app to use. Without account you can’t use or access the app. There are two ways to creat account on Paytm first games.

  1. Using Mobile number

Open the app and tap on creat account using mobile number option.

Now enter your mobile number and click on next step.

Complete the steps by entering otp receive on your registered mobile number. Hope now you may able to login and access game.

  1. Login with Paytm account

If your mobile number is already registered with Paytm account, you don’t need to creat account separately. Open the app and click on continue with Paytm option. Automatically, the app will creat account for you. Now you can easily login and access the content or game on Paytm first games.

Type of game on Paytm First Games and how to play?

There are many ways to earn money playing game on Paytm first game. When you will login there will be option for Multiple games, Free contests, Refers and earn & win prizes. All of them is very beneficial and useful for paytm users. If you’re interested in playing online game, you’ll be able to earn thousands of Paytm cash through this platform. Let’s learn the advantages of playing game on Paytm games.

Multiple Games

Paytm first game contained multiple game like ludo, snake wars, block puzzles, racing and Rummy. All of them support online multiplayer. Through which you can challenge your friends or relatives by inviting them and earn a lots of real Paytm cash.

Free Contests

The platform update a weekly free and paid contests. You can join free contest and earn huge amount of money. To participate in contest, login regularly and look for free contest to join. This option are one of the best way to earn money without wasting much time.

Refer and Earn

Paytm first games is an earning app and else if you refer your friends or relatives, you will get 5 bucks for each refer. That is, if you refer 20 people daily through your invitation links, you get 100 bucks. And 3000 bucks in a month for 20×30 people referral.

Win Prizes

This amazing opportunity is mainly for active users. Through this, you can win amazing prizes like flight tickets, movie ticket and online shopping coupon cart just by maintaining your gaming ranking level.

How to level up in Paytm Ludo game tournament?

In today post we will focus mainly on ludo tournament on Paytm first games. This is Fantasy e-sports game where you can earn real cash with an option to withdraw money instantly. Player need to role a dice to see their lucky number to run and finish the ludo tokens(goti) reaching home. This game were introduced by Paytm in their online gaming platform. So, let’s learn how to rank up ludo level in few simple steps.

Steps to level up ludo game in Paytm first game :

  • Login regularly on the based of online contest tournament.
  • Focus on one mode of ludo game. If you play regularly with 4 players, continue with same mode. This will increase your chances of becoming lucky number when you roll a dice.
  • Tap on dice for long time. As this increase the dice rolling duration. More duration means more chance for lucky number.
  • Play regular online tournament. Playing tournament regularly boost your brain understanding of dice movement.

So, these all were simple tricks to follow while playing ludo on Paytm first games. Moreover, playing regularly boost your ai performance of dice rolling.

This way you can easily win ludo tournament along with huge real cash rewards. Some people won around Rs 10 lakh just by playing ludo game regularly. And they are known as The Ludo Master. This game is mostly depend on luck of the person, but if you practice regularly you’ll also one of ludo king master.

Paytm First Games Ludo FAQ?

How can I play ludo on Paytm first?

Playing ludo game is simple. You need to login and tap on ludo tournament game. There will be 4 mode for you to play; 2 players, 4 players, online mode and offline mode. Tap on one of your choice. Now, Paytm will automatically start match making for you.

If you prefer to play with friends, creat room and invite them when they are online. This way you can easily play any mode of ludo game on Paytm first games.

Is Paytm first games app safe?

Yes, the app game is safe and secure for users. This gaming platform is introduced by Indian largest online payment app – Paytm officially. Moreover, the app is legal and available to download on play store. The app is also verified by many big online authorities.

How to win cash in Paytm ludo?

Winning ludo game is mostly depend on a person luck. If you play regularly, you will learn lots of tricks in dice rolling and tokens movement. Once you learn it, winning game is easy task for you.

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