How to Prevent obesity with simple Yoga

Some of the asanas that can be used for prevention and control of obesity are Vajrasana which are described below :


Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Posture)

Vajrasana is the meditative asana and usually signifies to hardness or adamantine. This asana makes the body stable like a ‘vajra’ which means very strong.

Sitting with straight spine with hands on the front of thigh gives feeling of relaxation for longer duration. It makes the thigh and calves muscles stronger. Sitting in Vajrasana also helps in digestion of the food. Spinal hardness can also be removed by assuming this posture.

How to Perform?

  1. Sit with folded legs at knee and place both the feet under buttock.
  2. While folding the legs, it is easy to fold the legs one by one to avoid any kind of jerk and overlapping of legs.
  3. Sole of the feet should touch the buttock and may even overlap in each other.
  4. Place buttocks in between both folded legs above the sole and heels.
  5. Place the hands above respective thighs and knees.
  6. While releasing the posture, bent slightly at one side to remove the leg and follow the same procedure to another side to remove another leg from the buttock.


  1. Keep the spine erect while performing vajrasana.
  2. Always close eyes in the final posture and breathing should be done in normal pace.
  3. Do not put pressure on the leg for longer duration.
  4. This is the only asana that can be performed after meals.
  5. The asana should be done 1 to 3 minutes initially.

Advantages of Vajrasana

  1. It brings balance and concentration.
  2. It improves back and leg strength.
  3. It makes body posture more stable for longer duration.
  4. It improves digestion power.
  5. It helps to keep mind stable.
  6. It cures indigestion, constipation, acidity and prevents gas formations.
  7. It also helps relieving pains of the knee.


  1. Children with leg injury (especially knee) should avoid performing this asana.
  2. Children suffering from urinary tract or acute bowel movements should also take advice from the doctor before performing vajrasana.

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