How to turn your Any Android Phone into an iPhone 7?

Hello Guys! Today in this tutorial I’m gonna teach you a simple guide with steps to turn up your any android phone into an iPhone. After following my guide, your android phone will start functioning like an iPhone which will become a cool and you can amaze your friends and family’s member by showing them the iPhone look in your android phone. So let’s begin:

How this will be possible?

You already know that an android is an open source operating system, which means you can do any modifications and adjustments to suit all the requirements in your phone.
You will be able to do all this without knowing any programming as well as coding. Just you need to do is basic things like setting and installing some iOS software & theme etc. Which is very easy for you.

STEP 1. Preparation

Uninstall or disable rare app : you must uninstall or disable apps which you don’t need it anymore. Browse the apps in setting and clean up your garbage apps. Once your phone has optimized, go for next step that is installing iOS theme and launcher.

STEP 2. Installing CM Theme for iPhone

There is a lot of apps available on internet for iPhone 7 but some of them may be fake so I personally recommending you to download & install CM Theme for iPhone 7 for best performance.
• When you will access this software for first time it will promted to install CM Launcher 3D – stylish Boost to give you access to additional themes and effects.
• Set this launcher as a default home screen app by going through Setting>Application>Default application and find it under home screen.

STEP 3. Downloading Theme for iPhone Launcher Fake

There are lot of great alternative launcher for iOS but again, you must Download & Install Theme for iPhone Launcher Fake from Google play for more comfortable and friendly use.
• Now your phone home screen will look like this :

• You can choose the change effects and background look.

STEP 4. Lock Screen

Step 1 to 3 launcher will change how your home screen and app grid design. Another this step is to set the lock screen to avoid android lock screen appearance on iPhone. So, make sure to set it through Setting>Imanager> Browse the best lock screen as your choice.

STEP 5. Set the Best Ringtone

If you didn’t set this step then all the above step is gonna fake. So, browse the best ringtone and set it according to your choice.

Last Word

As you can find a lots of app claiming to turn your phone to iphone but lots of them may be fake and you must follow my tutorial in order to get success. Some of them have been not updated from several years so, you must avoid it.


You can be show ads while using the software whenever data connection is on.

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