Iromba : The most popular dishes of Manipur

What is Iromba?

Iromba is one of the most popular dishes of Manipur state. It is an ethnic cuisine of the Meitei community of Manipur.

The cuisine of Manipur is well known for its different varieties of food items. Most of the dishes cuisine are based upon vegetarian dishes. One of the popular dish from the state is Iromba, it is considered to be healthy as the ingredients they use are organic and is made from fermented fish , vegetables, monkey-rice and bamboo shoots which makes a very strong and pungent taste.

How to prepare Iromba?

Preparation of Iromba is simple process. Which will tasty and healthy for us.

You need the following given below ingredients for preparation of Iromba:

*1 potato, boiled and mashed
*½ kg shrimp
*250gms mushrooms, sliced
*3 red chillies
*1 fillet marinated with a little salt, tumeric powder and red chilli powder
*1 bunch spring onions, finely chopped
*1 tomato, steamed and mashed
*1 cup warm water
*Salt to taste( as your requirements).

You need to follow the simple process for making delicious and healthy Iromba dish:

*Add 1 tbsp oil in pan and red chillies. *Remove the red chillies when they turn dark red.
*Add the chives and shrimps and saute till the shrimps are light brown.
*Remove and keep aside.
*Fry the tilapia in the same pan. Remove when it turns brown.
In mixing bowl, crumble the red chillies. Mix in rest of the ingredients.

Now your delicious Iromba is ready for serve.

How to serve it?

You can serve this dilicious dishes with along rice as a chutney. It is nice to consume with different varieties of dishes as it give a pungent taste so, it’s your choice.

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