LG Launched V50 ThinQ Smart Phone With 5G Network Support

LG ThinQ V50 Review

LG had introduced New V50 ThinQ – an updated version of V40 smartphone. With the hype of 5G Network, this new smartphone is designed basically for next generation network. To avoid replacement of smartphone in future while switching the network. One of the 5G hype supported phone can be use from today without taking any decision for next generation smartphone for 5G network.

At the back of this smartphone, you can see a glowing 5G logo, literally to prove it. According to spec prospective, this new model (V50) is different from V40 in a few ways like : 5G capabilities, contain more powerful battery of 4,000 mAh capacity, and a Snapdragon 855 processor which presumable to support Qualvomm’s X50 5G modem. The brand is also adding a cooling system in the device, to help reducing extra heat from new processor and battery. It’s important to add cooling system as it 5G network consume more energy and produce more heat than current network processor.

This new updated version of V40 is bit thicker and heavier than V40. As its contained more component for 5G processor. But it doesn’t destroy the nice look of smartphone instead the company modified it by taking some advantages of it like : removing the camera bump, which is nice. Not it’s very intentional for LG to market the smartphone. So, the company is trying to use the existing platform of V40, which will make them easy to available the new version device to customers. Even this strategy can be the most successful way to advertise the product to targeted audience.

Now, let’s talk about some other new features specifications. Amazingly, the brand had offer a new Dual screen accessory. With first one : it has 6.2 inch OLED display that is attached to the phone. The dual screen power off the internal battery of V50, so users can simply attach it with phone for more merit. It’s offer twice for the screen real estates. With the second screen : It’s help in lots of multitask for an application on each display. Even it can be use as a game controller for playing some enjoyable games. But sadly, this accessory can be sold only internationally and no step had taken yet to make it way to US.

From recent fresh news, The company says that the V50 will available only in US exclusively. And eventually available in Verizon during the summer with sprint’s exclusive period. Although, it’s coming soon in place like : South Korea, Australia, and in other several unspecified European countries. Some details like its price and release date haven’t been announced yet. It is expected, the release information can be depend on its eventual partners actual launch.

So Friends, Will you love to have the 5G hype device before it network get set-up? Share your though below the comment section.

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