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Motu Patlu Game- Download and Play Game Online for free

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Motu Patlu Game– It is one of the most popular Indian animated cartoon TV series directed by Suhas Kadav. Currently, the series is airing on Nickelodeon, which is produced by Cosmos-Maya. The character of Motu Patlu is adapted from Indian comic strip Lotpot. It’s first series(Jhon banega Don) was premired on 16 October-2012, which received a huge positive review and a lot of praise from viewers for its vocal performance, animation, entertainment value and many more.

In today post, we are going to find the game of Motu Patlu! Here is the top most popular Motu Patlu Game. Download the game of Motu Patlu car game, Motu Patlu Temple run, adventure game, king of kings and many more. The game is completely free to download and play.

Motu Patlu Car Racing Game

1 . Motu Patlu speed racing game

One of the most fun game to play with Motu Patlu in Car Racing, become the hero of Furfuri Nagar.

This Speed Racing car game will make you excitement by travelling through amazing worlds of Egypt, Jungle and cities road. The game is filled with lots of adventurous level to complete. The main objective of game is to race till the end and collect coin as much as possible to unlock different kind of cars. Help Motu Patlu on the way from danger object.


  • Play with Motu Patlu!
  • Unlock lots of different vehicles using game currency.
  • Travel through excitement place of the world.

2. Motu Patlu old car

This game is based on their one of the story. Motu Patlu purchased an old car and renew it by Dr. Jhatka. One day during driving the car, they faced heavy traffic in path. Now, you need to help them in scratching golden coin on road and to collect the fuel tank to refill vehicle oil tank. The game is endless race and has designed with good 3D graphic model. Game spot view is marvelous and contained  lots of beautiful places.


  • Easy control
  • Smooth Touch
  • 3D model with high definition graphic design
  • Addictive and Easy to play for free!

3. Motu Patlu- king of Hill Racing

One of the most adventurous game of Motu Patlu is king of Hill Racing. The game is filled with full of adventure, racing, stunt and hill climb up over twisty, bumpy curvy hill roads. Choose amongst many different cars and bike and help Motu Patlu in making their off adventure.


  • Different kind of vehicle are available.
  • Beautiful arts with super stunts racing track are available in 3D model graphic.
  • Multiple excitement level are available to upgrade.

Motu Patlu Temple Run Game

1 . Motu Patlu Run

Jhon Don steal the full bag of gold from Bank of Furfuri Nagar. Motu Patlu have to protect it so, they rush after Jhon Don. Help them to catch the thief with the help of team and Dr. Jhatka science equipment and return the gold coin back to bank. The game is of running and chasing with full of adventure. Collect gold coin and boosting powerful point on the way to upgrade yourself.


  • Endless Run- Run and Chase Jhon Don until you get him.
  • Adventurous- Feel the amazing adventure through city, street road and jungle while chasing him.
  • Level up- upgrade yourself with boosting power point to run more faster.
  • Marvelous Graphic- Beautiful graphic are use to design the scene of city, street and forest.

2. Motu Patlu Jump

Get in the race game to reach the high top of mountain by climbing and Jumping as Motu Patlu with Chingam, Ghasitaram, Dr. Jhatka and Jhon Don. Collect lots of coin and boost your power to defeat your competitors. Amazing features like destroying objects, climb through mountain and dodging trap are added in the game. Rocket can be use as short-jump fly power during race. Multiple style of jump option are available which can be unlock by game currency.

Save your friends!

You can save your friends if he fall down due to lack of jump power. Help them to get return into game race by saving from fall down.


  • Jump to climb as high as possible.
  • Use of Dodge traps and spike traps to destroy object over your way.
  • Ride on Rocket and collect lots of coin to get money multipliers.
  • Get mystery boxes and open at end to get rewards.

Adventure game of Motu Patlu cartoon

1 . Motu Patlu jungle adventure game

This game is one of the most high rating game in Playstore and lots of adventure series. The game is not much difficult but fill with full of excitement. You need to help Motu Patlu to passes through dense forest and save them from various danger obstacles like stone, trees and enemies dragons. In the game you will get a variety of interesting power. The game is very easy and addicted, you will enjoy it whole day.


  • High quality graphic.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • lot of challenging level.
  • Different modes of forest world.
  • Smooth and high speed character moving.

2. Motu Patlu Cycling Adventures

Enjoy the cycling Adventure in this winter season with a lot of fun. During cycling you can enjoy the scenic village of Furfuri Nagar. A lot of golden coin will be there  to collect . Play as Motu Patlu with their friends Dr. Jhatka, Inspector Chingum, Ghashitaram and Samosa wala. On the way “Samosa” will be there so, collect it to use as snack during cycling Adventure.


  • 3D graphic integration.
  • Easy to play with intuitive control.
  • Smooth touch with high speed performance.
  • challenge the level Upto 10+
  • Free game serve with less ads.

3. Motu Patlu cricket game

Motu Patlu is competing to win the cricket world cup match. Play as Motu in the place of batman. Whenever the opponent throw the ball towards you, tap the screen to swing the bat. Swing properly and hit the ball to win the match. The game is filled with full of excitement match.


  • 3D graphics are integrated in game.
  • Increase your score to compete with opponent.
  • Smooth and easy control are applied for mobile.
  • It will increase your visual sharpness.
  • Completely free to download and play.

How to download Motu Patlu game apk?

Playstore – To download game from Playstore, just click on download button given below the contents. You will be redirect to Google Playstore. Read the review and rating of the game on playstore, if you like it just install the game in your phone and enjoy it’s offline game play.

Web store – Search the game name with the help of any internet browser. Be careful of fake site with lot of walware. Once you find the genuine site, get the game apk download link. Click on download button. Once it complete, disable or deactivate the unknown sources security features from your phone setting. Now, install the downloaded game and enjoy the free game of Motu Aur Patlu ki Jodi.

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