New Huawei Watch GT-( Review )

Huawei had recently introduced their new smartwatch namely, Huawei Watch GT. This newly launched smartwatch looks attractive and stylish for anyone. It was priced at expected price of Rupees 15,990. Now, this is available on Amazon for sale starting from 19th March, 2019.

This digital luxury watch had lots of new features along with multiple useful sensors like accelerometer sensor, gyroscope sensor, magnetometer sensor, optical heart rates sensor, ambient light sensor, and barometer sensor.

So, lets look at these all features, sensors, storage, and battery power capacity. I’m gonna review the product according to the customers based.

Features Specifications

Screen and display resolution : It features a 1.39 inches screen based on amoled colour. With the resolution of 454x 454 pixels and density of 326 ppl. This amoled colour screen is amazing and it support both slide and touch gestures.

RAM & ROM : To helps the multitasking process of watch, it has RAM of 16 MB with a internal storage capacity of 128 MB to store data and file etc.

Battery Life

This device can carry without charging up to 2 weeks with normal use, along enabling the GPS tracking and display a complete day, going walkout for 5k run shaves will hardly consume 3-4% of battery life. Some features like heart rates and GPS can be last for a month. So, it has powerful battery storage capacity.

Sensors Specification

Accelerometer sensor : This 3 sensor in a 0.235 inches cube can measure proper accerelaration produce by the body on its display. Useful while going for walk out, to measure and know the accurate body accelerate.

Gyroscope sensor : This sensor is also known as angular rate sensor and contained in mostly all modern smartphone device. In simple words, it measure the angular velocity change in rotational angle per unit of time. It will useful when you will change your body position without having any issue viewing your GT watch screen as it will rotate depending to your position.

Magnetometer sensor or Barometer sensor : This sensor is used to measure magnetism – the direction, strength, relative change of magnetic field. This sensor are mainly used for GPS and charging purpose in GT watch. Also, help in using digital compass to know the direction.

Optical Heart Rates sensor : Optical heart rates sensor are the most important sensor in common pulse sensors in wearable devices. Thanks to GT as they provided this sensor. As this sensor is helpful in medical purpose for a person who is suffering from heart disease. It will keep monitoring your heart rate. In emergency case, when your heart rate increase or decrease it will inform you in alarm form as well as to nearby hospital services via auto calling form.

Ambient Light sensor : An ambient light sensor is a component present in electronic devices like : smartphone, digital notebooks, and LCD TVs etc. This photo-detector will sense the amount of ambient light present and dim the device’s screen according to it. In GT watch it will manage and dim the screen brightness depending on the surrounding ambient light without doing it manually.

What do you think about the product? Do you want to have it? Write your thought in comment section.

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