Top 9 Most Interesting Facts

So, today we are gonna talk about 9 most interesting random facts which will make your day amazing.

1. Bees Sometimes Sting Other Bees

Bees are well know for notorious towards their stings, but humans and other animals aren’t the only ones who experience this pain in their body. In protecting their hives , some guard bees will force other outsiders bees to stay away from their hive and sniff the bees that come in. If any rogue bee from another hive will try to steal some nectar, the guard bee will bite them, amazing right!?

2. Dolphins have Been Trained to be Used in Wars

Dolphins are widely adorable and intelligent animals. This crafty creatures were used largely by the U.S. Forced during the Vietnam War & the Cold War. They studied on the creatures for its amazing sonar capabilities, and trained them to bring equipment to divers, find lost equipment, detect mines, and guard submarines from other nifty traps. And surprisingly, dolphins are actually deadly because they are also one of the 30 Adorable Animals.

3. The Weirdest Creatures are Live in the Deep Ocean

It’s said, some of the deepest levels of our oceans are least explored areas of the planet Earth. Because this part have extreme pressure, cold, and dark at these depths, which make only the very strangest creatures can survive there. These include giant tube worms, vampire squids, goblin sharks, and viperfish etc, they can’t close their mouths because of their long sharp teeths. Perhaps, the strangest is the barreleye, a large fish with a completely transparent head. You can meet a more than 20 monster look creatures there which you may thought they are not real.

4. The Driest Place on Earth is Look Like Mars

Atacama Desert in Chile, located on the western edge of South America, is the oldest and driest desert on the planet. Amazingly, the weather stations present there have never reported any rain. Combination of red large stone, sand, and whether make the place look like Mars environment.

In most fact, it is comparable to Mars soil in a lot of factors like at certain altitudes, the soil are too dry and doesn’t contain any kind of life even microorganisms. NASA are conducting a researches on this desert to test instruments which will be use in Mars mission in future.

5. Our European Ancestors Were Cannibals

During 16th and 17th century in Europe, people used to practice cannibalism as a fairly common, most of its was only for medical purposes. They thought its have magical curative properties to put in different remedies. Inspire from Egyptian mummies practices.

Human bone, blood, tissue, and fat were used as a medical concoctions. Skull crush were make into tea for headache.

Today in modern, still human body is heal by another human blood as a blood donation and some organs like kidney, heart etc. are use to transplant from one body to another body.

6. Dogs Actually Understand Some English Words

Dogs can learn and recognise a vocabulary of about 168 English words. Amazingly, they can respond best to short and easy words with hard consonants like R or T.

For example, if you expand your dog’s vocabulary by calling instead of meal ‘dinner’ breakfast ‘lunch’ etc. they will learn it easily and it will be trouble to believe this for some owner of disobedient dogs.

7. Dinosaurs Lived on Every Continent of Earth

Dinosaurs lived on every continent of earth back in their day, including icy Antarctica. Mostly, we only found their bones in certain part of earth. The reason is because of weather and soil of those place to fossilized it fossils. According to scientists, there may be different size of dinosaurs were there, including small sized but their bones were easy to fossilized completely and nothing were left for researchers.

8. Typhoid Mary Loved to Cook

Based on a real historical person : In 1880s an Irish woman who immigrated to USA named Mary Mallon was inflected from typhoid but no symptoms of it, as she can’t feel the sickness on her body.

During her career as a cook, almost 51 person were infected and 3 were died because of bacteria (typhoid) carried in her blood.

9. First Bank Robber Deposited that Money Back Into the Same Bank

A sum of $162,821 was stolen from their vault on August 1,1798, at The Bank of Philadelphia. No sign of forced entry in bank so, Patrick Lyon was imprisoned who worked on the same vault doors as a carpenter.

Years later, the robber named Isaac Davis deposited the large sum of money into the same bank. Now, Lyon was a freed and Davis ended up repaying the same money without serving a single day in jail.

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