Top Funny & Craziest Glitches Ever in PUBG

PUBG – PLAYER UNKNOWN BATTLEGROUND is an online multiplayer game powered by TENCENT.

Glitches in PUBG means a misbehaving of a game while playing due to some technical issues like character’s go invisible, too fast moving, and stuck with a wall etc, which became too weird and sometimes too funny for a gamer. Today, we are gonna talk about this top level glitches or bug in PUBG game which are still available even after getting updated. You can even use some of this glitches as a tricks to win the match.

1. Head Removing Glitch

If you afraid of getting headshot from enemy BOLT ACTION RIFLE SNIPER then, why don’t you just remove your head? Isn’t joke? Yes, you can remove your character’s head by just getting near any vehicle and aiming with your weapon, then press drive. Now, your character’s will lose his head and you can enjoy the glitch by preventing from receiving headshot!

2. Get Any Clothes Item Without Spending Bucks

By using this glitch, you can unlock any clothes Item you want for your character without spending any bucks. You can choose any cloth from shop or creat, then press “Reset Appearance” and “Exit”.
By following this simple steps, you can get any clothes you want. But this glitch will work only inside the home menu section and will not work in the game match.

3. UnderGround Glitch

You can win the match using this glitch, but it’s hard and there is no any exact way to get this glitch. Some players have been able to use this glitch by entering the tunnel presented on the eastern part of the map. You can even experience this type of glitch while driving vehicle and suddenly you get drop off inside the ground. When you will be landing with parachute the game will spawn you under the ground instead of on the land, Enjoy the glitch for chicken dinner.

4. Motorbike Riding Glitch

Try to ride a motorbike over the hill surrounding of the military base in the Sosnouka island in PUBG mobile, you may experience the funniest and the weirdest moment of the game. The motorbike will start rolling with you over and over in the air and there is no way to stop it. Most of the PUBG players have already experienced this glitch in the beginning, including me. This is the most common glitch in the game.

5. Ending Last Circle Glitch

You may probably seen or heard about this glitch on YouTube or while playing the game. In this the last circle blue-zone will narrows down to a tiny beam of blue light and still the enemy will not be spot. This glitch is so annoying because nobody will win the match or the game became greedy and don’t want to give the delicious chicken dinner to anyone. Whenever you meet this type of glitch, just click photo or video and share with friends to show amazing awful match.

6. Too Fast Moving Glitch

This glitch mostly happen with one of the teammate or close range enemy, due to some bug the character start moving too fast and it’s impossible to follow and shot him. This is amazing and will meet only on lucky moment. But, you must beware either it may be hacker. So, keep your eye always out to make sure it’s glitch. During livestream on YouTube, one of the youtuber spotted similar glitch.

7. Stuck in the Sky Glitch

When we release our parachute too earlier, we may not able to participate in the match because the game would not let you drop on the land and make you stuck in the sky. Here, you can watch other player but you can’t do anything. So, don’t release your parachute too early, there may lot of possiblity to receive such kind of bug.

8. Fly and Falling Glitch

Hope, you have already tried everything : staying in the air, walking on the cloud, getting underground, and now let’s try to fly. There is place on the bridge which will sends you flying into the sky when you will place your character on that point. Beware, because you can get knockout or die if you get land on dried ground. Try to land into the water while enjoying this glitch.

9. Getting Alive Glitch

This is the most fun and amazing glitch. If you are lucky you can get alive again after you have been kill by enemy. But, you can’t take revenge or can’t kill anyone. Here, you can loot and watch the enemy as a normal. Beware of blue-zone, because it can kill you and will destroy your funny glitch.

10. Grenade Glitch

How about to get into the house without using door and window? How about to pass through wall and get into the opposite side without climbing and travelling U-turn? Yes, this is possible and you can do it by holding any grenade, put it “low tose” and make your moving control 90° pushing yourself toward wall of the house or wall from your left side, now release the grenade before it explosion. You will find yourself inside the house or opposite side of the wall. Use this glitch as a tricks to make your enemy fool and to win the match.

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