Unable to cope up with his girlfriend’s engagement with another man , man suicide by hanging himself in Temple.

1. Man hang himself when he was unable to cope with girlfriend’s engagement with another man.

A 22- year-old man from a temple in Raybha village under Achhrana Police station in Agra district, was unable to cope up with his girlfriend’s engagement with another man and suicide live-streamed the act on popular social media Facebook.
A four page suicide note were left by him wherein he apologized to his family for his extreme decision and urged them to donate his organs.
The most worrying fact is some of his Facebook friends witnessed the incident live on FB.

2. NASA is preparing to take another Giant leap by 2024.

In marked of 50th anniversary of the historic first Moon landing, NASA  is preparing to take its next giant leap with the ambitious Artemis programme where they will show  β€œfirst woman and the next man” walk on the lunar surface.
According to report, the planned is to launch by 2024. The leap is not only destination to moon but to explore regions of it never visited before and unlock the mysteries of universe.

3. Hindu priest beaten rudely in New York.

A Hindu priest named Puri was attacked by a 52-year-old man while he was walking down the street near a temple. The incident took place in Floral Park, New York. The attacker name is unknown but has been arrested by police.
He was beaten so badly which suffered bruise and abrasions all over his body, including face. Now, he had been admit to nearby hospital.

4. Musk’s said, Alcohol is solution, technically.

Image Source: NDTV

Multi-billionarie tech mogul Elon Musk is well known for his quirky Twitter habits. Once again he caused quite a stir by calling alcohol is solution, technically.
As Musk’s tweet  appeared on Giant twitter’s News feed, fans were quick to conclude Space X CEO was making cryptic statement about the use of ethanol in his rockets.
Later, replying to his tweet he wrote “Just saw that on a T-shirt @Hyperloop competition,” and posted the comment along with teary laughing emojis.

5. No Girl child born in 132 villages of UP.

5. According to data, No Girl Born In 132 Villages In Uttarkashi In 3 Months. Total 216 children were born in 132 villages of the district, but not a single girl was among them, which has left the district administration baffled.

At a time when the centre has been promoting its “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” Abhiyan, to maintain sex ratio but data from 132 villages in Uttarakhand revealed that no girl child was born in these areas.

Now, District Magistrate has taken step to monitor these areas to find out what is affecting the ratio?
A detailed survey and study will be conducted to identify the reason behind it.

6. E-cigratte is more harmful.

ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery System), which are popularly called E-cigratte is found more harmful than tobacco cigratte according to new research as before it was less harmful. It’s come in many shape and sizes, which contained battery, an atomiser and a cartridge ( containing liquid nicotine). E-cigratte contain same amount of nicotine as in an entire pack of cigratte which result give out equal or more amount of harmful substances to body.

7. PhD student UoH found dead in hostel.

A 29-year-old PhD student at University of Hyderabad(UoH) named Dipika Mahapatra was found unconscious in the hostel washroom. She was taken to Citizen Hospital immediately, but doctors declared dead.
No injuries were found on the student’s body. Afterward, her medical records revealed she had been suffering from Neurological disorder and was under treatment.
A case has been registered at the police station and investigation is going on.

8. An Uttar Pradesh man was charged an exorbitant electricity bill of more than Rs 128 crore.

An Uttar Pradesh man was charged an exorbitant electricity bill of more than Rs 128 crore due to technical fault in meter metrics. The department has also cut off supply to his home allegedly because he failed to pay the bill. The man tried his best to rectify the exorbitant amount charged on him but department refuse to listen him and urged him to pay the bill amount.
His name is Shamim, who is staying with his wife in Chamri village in UP.
The amount printed on the bill for a home connection of 2 kilowatts (only fan and bulb) is Rs 128,45,95,444 which clearly seems technical error in putting decimal.
He said, he usually get an average monthly bill of only about Rs 700 to Rs 800 but, this bill seems to be of whole Uttar Pradesh which he need to pay.

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