What is Ngari ?

Ngari – a traditional fish product of Manipur, India. It is a non-salted fermented fish product. Sun-dried fish are fermented anaerobically with no intentional addition of starter culture for 4 to 12 months. Bacillus and yeast were involved in its fermentation. It’s fermented fish product locally prepared from some fish species mainly the Puntius-species.

Ngari are considered as good source of protein, amino acids and minerals. The product contained potential probiotic properties, antioxidant and antihypertensive characteristics. However, the if the product if not processed hygienically can pose threat to food borne illness due to cross contamination.

Uses of Ngari in food

Ngari (fermented fish) is an inseparable food item for the Manipuri. In fact , Manipuri taste is not complete without ngari. As is a major ingredient in iromba preparation, a pungent vegetable and bamboo-shoot strew. Another fermented fish product like seedal is very popular in state of Tripura. It is also prepared from Puntius-species but the only difference between these products is in the size of the fishes used during preparation.

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